The Castle’s history

Il Castello di Proceno, storico edificio nel cuore della Tuscia più autentica è, dai primi del 1700, legato alla famiglia Cecchini, oggi Bisoni Cecchini.

From the beginning, the family has instilled in each succeeding generation a passion and respect for the extraordinary history of this magical place. Today the heritage of histories, places and artifacts—from Etruscan vases to ancient instruments to the robes of a cardinal ancestor—inspire us and constantly guide our decisions.



And this passion for the land gives us a strong and sincere commitment not only to the Castello itself but also to the mystical Tuscia district surrounding it—to its people, traditions and places. We are conservators, in the most respectful meaning of the word.

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbHIn this place where, a thousand years ago, a house tower was built, today we are committed to preserve the old buildings not only for ourselves but for future generations as well. And we want our guests to appreciate that here, in the castle and the gardens and the countryside, they can live and take a rest from modern life. We welcome you to spend an unforgettable sojourn in our little paradise, getting to know our village and surroundings villages as one of the most important keys to fully comprehending the past and present of Tuscia.

To start you on your journey into Tuscia’s past, you may visit the castle, visit the museum in the main tower and look out over the ancient Etruscan land from the battlements. In the courtyard of the castle, you may also enjoy music events organized by the Carlo Cecchini Historical and Cultural Association. And in the family kitchen, you may take cooking classes, where people from the village will teach you old recipes.
Understanding Tuscia is all about slowing down and experiencing an enchanted moment in Italian life, allowing the magic of the countryside to envelop you in its memories of past centuries.

Inside the main tower of the fortress is a small museum, by appointment.