Nature and the garden

The unique landscape of Proceno will draw you into its spell.

In the heart of Tuscia, our region is a crossroads and meeting place, where life has a human dimension of agricolture keeps many of the old ways and still plays a central role. The unique landscape of Proceno, its rolling contours tinged with different colours in each season, will draw you into its spell.



The area surrounding our castle is practically untouched: steep hills, forests, majestic centuries old trees, and untamed rivers. The Stridolone torrent, with its uncontaminated habitat, is a haven for wildlife. The Elvella lake irrigates the surrounding area during summer when the luminous gold of sunflowers covers the ground. Climbing to the top of the main tower of the castle, you are in the middle of a natural amphitheatre, encircled by Mount Civitella, with Castell’Azzara; Mount Amiata, with skiing and other winter sports; Radicofani Castle; Celle sul Rigo; Mount Cetona, with its two little towns of Chiusi and Cetona; Mount Rufeno, with a beautiful and extensive nature reserve and a Flower Museum; the castle of Torre Alfina; and the very old Sasseto forest. Around Mount Amiata are many hot springs and luxurious spas. And to the south is Lake Bolsena, the largest volcanic lake in Italy, with its two rocky islands, Bisentina and Martana.

Sitting in this spectacular countryside are the gardens of the castle. To reach the castle, you go through lemon and boxwood hedge gardens. Traditionally laid out, these hanging gardens are located on the old walls that were part of the fortification of the castle. Below the castle, a wilder, more natural garden rolls down the hill to the area of the restaurant and swimming pool and opens into the countryside. Old visteria covers stone walls. Banksia roses lying on ancient trees, and streams of iris paint the landscape.